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SMT feeder spare parts FUJI feeder parts CP7 TAPE GUIDE (1.0-1.8 8X4) AKJAC9090

SMT feeder spare parts FUJI feeder parts CP7 TAPE GUIDE (1.0-1.8 8X4) AKJAC9090

SMT feeder spare parts FUJI feeder parts CP7 TAPE GUIDE (1.0-1.8 8X4) AKJAC9090

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Fuji
Model Number: Fuji CP7 feeder parts AKJAC9090

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Packaging Details: Standard package
Delivery Time: 3-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal,Western Union
Supply Ability: 3000/month
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Detailed Product Description

SMT feeder spare parts FUJI feeder parts CP7 TAPE GUIDE (1.0-1.8 8X4) AKJAC9090

Feeder performance will degrade without proper maintenance. Regular cleaning, lubrication,and calibration are essential. Feeder neglect will lead to:
1. Mispicking of parts
2. Misplacement of parts
3. “Tombstoning” of parts
4. Flipped parts

CP-4, 6, 7 & 8 Tape Retainers
Part number           DESCRIPTION                
KJPC-0020           8 x 2  0.4mm tape retainer (0201 C & R)    
KJAC-1110           8 x 2  0.7mm tape retainer (slit less type)        
KJAC-0190          8 x 2  0.7mm tape retainer (slitted type)        
AMCA-0530        8 x 2  0.7mm paper tape retainer        
KJAC-0200          8 x 2  1.0mm tape retainer        
AKJAC-9060        8 x 4  0.7mm tape retainer        
ALPC-8030           8 x 4  1.0mm paper tape retainer
AKJAC-9080        8 x 4  1.0 to 1.8mm tape retainer
AKJAC-9030        8 x 4  1.0mm tape retainer
ALPC-8040          8 x 4  1.3mm paper tape retainer
AKJAC-9040        8 x 4  1.3mm tape retainer
AKJAC-9050        8 x 4  1.8mm tape retainer
AKJAC-9070        8 x 4  2.5mm tape retainer
AWCB-3900        12 x 4  2.5mm tape retainer
AMCB-3400        12 x 8  2.5mm tape retainer
AMCB-4400        12 x 8  3.7mm tape retainer
AMCB-4000        12 x 12  2.5mm tape retainer
AMCC-3100        16 x 4  3.7mm tape retainer
AWCD-4200        24 x 4 or  8 5.0mm tape retainer    
AMCD-3900        24 x 16 5.0mm tape retainer (P-16,24)
AWCD-4300        24 x 16 or 24 5.0mm tape retainer

CP-4, 6, 7 & 8 Feeder Take up Reel Assembly
Part number        DESCRIPTION
MCA-0600        CP-4  8mm feeder take up reel assembly
MCA-0830        CP-6, 7 & 8   heavy duty 8mm take up reel
WCA-0710        CP-6, 7 & 8   8mm inner & outer take up reel assembly
WCA-0700        CP-6, 7 & 8  8mm X 4mm feeder take up reel spring        

IP BFE Type Feeder Tape Retainers
Part number            DESCRIPTION
ABFCB-3100        12 x 8 2.5mm tape retainer
ABFCB-3200        12 x 8 4.0 mm tape retainer
ABFCC-3300        16 x 8 4.0 mm tape retainer
ABFCD-3400        24 x P 4.0mm tape retainer
ABFCD-3300        24 x P 8.0 mm tape retainer
ABFCB-3300        12 x 8 2.5mm tape retainer
ABFCF-3300        32 x P 16.0mm tape retainer
ABFCG-3200        44 x P 8.0mm tape retainer

IP / QP Motor Feeder Parts
Part number          DESCRIPTION
KDBC-0130        12mm tape retainer
KDCC-0040        16mm tape retainer
KDDC-0040        24mm tape retainer
KDFCC-0040       32mm tape retainer
KDGC-0040         44mm tape retainer
AKDBC-6220       12mm take up reel assembly
AKDDCC-6670     16mm take up reel assembly
AKDDC-6560        24mm take up reel assembly
AKDFC-6520        32mm take up reel assembly
AKDGC-6510        44mm take up reel assembly

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